How We Adjusted to Life as a Family of Four

I’m going to be honest; I didn’t read much from parents who have gone from one to two children. I naively thought that it would all be a bit easier than it actually was. I found the first few weeks tough, but we got through it. Although, I don’t think there is much someone couldContinue reading “How We Adjusted to Life as a Family of Four”

Coping with Knowing I’ve Had My Last Baby

I always imagined that when the time came where I was finished having babies that I would feel content. My family would be complete, and I would feel nothing less than happiness. But I don’t feel that way. I feel almost the complete opposite and it’s taken me by surprise. We all decide that ourContinue reading “Coping with Knowing I’ve Had My Last Baby”

Miscarrying as a Birth Father

Today, I’m going to talk about something that I have not publicly spoken about before… at least not on this platform anyway. Not because I try to hide anything about who I am; I just don’t feel that it has ever been relevant until now. However, saying that, I have noticed that I try toContinue reading “Miscarrying as a Birth Father”

PTSD, Online Therapy & Me

Growing up, I wasn’t aware that mental health was a ‘thing’, it just wasn’t spoke about. At least it wasn’t in my family, which is ironic as most of my family suffer with some form of mental health issue. Whether that be depression, anxiety or something different, most of us suffer with some form ofContinue reading “PTSD, Online Therapy & Me”

Am I Good Enough? (Imposter Syndrome)

I think that most of us have moments of feeling like we don’t belong somewhere. Whether it’s professionally or otherwise, it’s something that we often feel. I know I do! I’m a Dad, I’ve been a stay-at-home Dad for almost 4 years now, I run two businesses and also have other side-line jobs too. IContinue reading “Am I Good Enough? (Imposter Syndrome)”