Right Time to Have a Baby?

“Are we ready?”, I’ve lot count how many times we asked ourselves this when we were expecting. But not just when we had Joshua (our little ‘surprise’) but also when we were trying for baby number two! But, honestly? No. I don’t believe anyone truly is. We planned to have Oliver and tried for aContinue reading “Right Time to Have a Baby?”

9 Things I Forgot About Newborns

Oliver is now 5 weeks old, which sounds tiny now that I’m writing it, but it has gone by so fast. To most people he’s this dinky little thing but to me, he’s huge compared to when he was first born. We were in our own little bubble with Oliver for the first two weeksContinue reading “9 Things I Forgot About Newborns”

Coping with Knowing I’ve Had My Last Baby

I always imagined that when the time came where I was finished having babies that I would feel content. My family would be complete, and I would feel nothing less than happiness. But I don’t feel that way. I feel almost the complete opposite and it’s taken me by surprise. We all decide that ourContinue reading “Coping with Knowing I’ve Had My Last Baby”

I’m Not ‘Just’ a Parent!

When I got a full-time job back in June 2018, I got a lot of comments along the lines of: “That’s nice, it’ll keep you busy won’t it?” While it was meant as a boost and nothing less than positive, it wasn’t. It was said with blissful ignorance and demeaned everything I had been workingContinue reading “I’m Not ‘Just’ a Parent!”

Balancing Screen Time

Being a Dad to an (almost) five-year-old, I’m struggling, like a lot of other parents, to balance out screen time with my child. Let’s be real here, kids love a screen – whether it’s TV, Xbox, a tablet, Playstation or even a phone that’s full of apps for them to mess around with. Once youContinue reading “Balancing Screen Time”

We’re a Couple Too! (Sometimes)

Four years ago, going out meant hanging around bars until early hours, and my days were spent being mindless, just doing whatever the hell I wanted within a moment’s notice and carrying on without a care in the world. These days, my life is very different. VERY different. I get woken up by a screamingContinue reading “We’re a Couple Too! (Sometimes)”

Pampers vs Asda’s Little Angels Nappies

When Joshua was a tiny new born, we automatically went for the biggest brand out there for our nappies because they were the most trusted, right? But as the months went on, we started to test out a few different brands such as Aldi’s Mamia and Tesco Loves Baby. But we never found another brandContinue reading “Pampers vs Asda’s Little Angels Nappies”

Stop Judging Me!

It seems that wherever you go, parents are being judged one way or the other. In the news and on social media, all we see is: “Why cuddling your baby is doing you both harm” “When your baby should sleep through the night” “Breast is best” Every little decision that there is to make aboutContinue reading “Stop Judging Me!”