Rustic Muddy Boots Crate – Vintage Apple Crates

*This post is in association with Vintage Apple Crates

I’m a true lover of everything rustic and wooden, so when I spotted that Vintage Apple Crates did gorgeous Muddy Boots Crates, I had to have one! Our home is made up of oak doors, wooden ornaments, oak furniture and all things rustic. So, if you are like me and love all things vintage then you will adore this.

With the cold and wet weather well and truly here, we are all struggling for where to store our wet and muddy boots. When you live in the Suffolk countryside and love going on muddy woodland walks and have weekly visits to the park and Broads, this is the perfect storage!


Muddy Boots Crate

When it first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at just how big it is – the crate can comfortably fit in 10 pairs of our shoes! We may only be a family of 3 but we own a LOT of shoes & boots, so this is perfect for keeping our hallway nice and tidy. The measurements are a roomy 50cm x 40cm x 30cm.

The upcycled crate has been sourced from genuine apple crates and because of that you are guaranteed a beautiful unique look. Each Muddy Boots Crate will vary in condition slightly and may come with faint mud or apple marks, pieces of wood missing or slightly split, but this just adds to the beauty of it. You can buy brand new wooden crates that have been painted and varnished to have a rustic appearance, but it just isn’t the same when you see the real deal!

To finish off your crate, the team at Vintage Apple Crates hand stencil each and every one with vintage lettering. There’s nothing better than knowing something you bought has been hand-finished as well as upcycled!

It’s priced at just £29.99, so a right bargain considering its condition and size.


The service I received for my Muddy Boots Crate was superb and it arrived the very next day! However, I understand that this isn’t standard, and your orders typically take 1-2 working days to be ready to ship, which is still incredibly fast for a hand-finished product!


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this Muddy Boots Crate in return for an honest review.

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