KODAK Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor | Review

*Post in collaboration with KODAK

When your baby is newborn, keeping an eye on them is vital in the early days. It’s natural to want to make sure that your baby is safe at all times. I have personally found it difficult stepping out of the room and leaving our two-week old, Oliver, as he suffers with bad colic. Oliver often vomits and chokes, so I feel that I need to have a view of him even more so.

When we were expecting, we were given the opportunity to review the KODAK Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor and it has superseded our expectations. I will admit, we didn’t use a video monitor with Joshua, our 5 year old, so this is our first time ever using one, but we spent some time shopping around with view of purchasing one for Oliver. Out of those we looked at, this KODAK Smart Baby Monitor is one of the best we have seen.


KODAK Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor

This KODAK Smart Baby Monitor enables you to use technology to stay connected to your little one when they are asleep – even if they are hours away. The monitor comes with a wall mountable camera that can be accessed and viewed either directly from the video monitor or your own smart phone. Whether they are in the next room to you or sleeping over at a grandparent’s house, you can continue keeping a close eye on them.

The video stream can be accessed via WIFI using the handheld monitor and/or a smart phone via the KODAK Smart Home App.


Using the KODAK Smart Baby Monitor

The set-up instructions were easy to follow, and it only took a few minutes from getting it out of the box to when we were using it. Even the app that is downloadable onto your smart phone is simple to use and even the less tech savvy would be able to find their way around it. I really liked that you had the option of using either the handheld monitor or streaming the video on your phone. Honestly, we don’t often use the app when we are home as the handheld monitor is so portable that it’s easy to pick up and move around with you. But it’s a great option, especially when travelling or someone is babysitting.

The KODAK Smart Baby Monitor is so perfect for holidays as it’s portable. You don’t even have to rely on the handheld monitor being close to a plug because it comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours.

On the HD video monitor, you can see your little one in great detail with information such as the room temperature, time and battery life. You can even access functions that allow you to move the camera in all directions so that you can see your sleeping baby and what’s around them. What I really liked about the monitor is how clear it is, even when it’s in night vision mode you never lose view of your baby.

If your baby is unsettled, you can even have a two-way conversation via the handheld monitor so you can talk and try to soothe them without entering the room.

Downloading the App

To finish setting up the KODAK Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor, you have the option to download the free KODAK Smart Home app. It requires a simple email sign up and walks you through pairing the device with your phone – which takes just a few minutes.

The whole design of the app is really simple and user-friendly. I found it a nice touch that the app even allows you to record video.

Our Verdict

We have really enjoyed using the KODAK Smart Baby Monitor, I’m pretty sure that Jamie had it all set-up to use within hours of us arriving home with Oliver. Oliver is such an easy baby but suffers bad with colic, so he requires a little more attention. We have found it great keeping an eye on Oliver from the next room. Sometimes all he needs is to hear our voice and will drift back off again, so we have genuinely found the two-way conversation function great to use.

We like to travel a fair bit as most of my family live 3-4 hours away from us, so this will come in very handy for all the times we visit family and go away on holidays. We love how portable it is and that it doesn’t need to be anywhere near a plug to be used. We can very easily set it up where needed and always have Oliver in our sight.


Disclosure: We were sent the KODAK baby monitor in exchange for this post.

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