Spring Cleaning and Home Organisation

*This post is in association with Milton

Between the months of December to February, we must have already had around 3 clear-outs around the house. Still feeling like we needed another, I welcomed the bundle of Milton cleaning products that I was kindly sent.

With an impending house move (fingers crossed), I’m determined to not only ensure we only take what we want and need, but to keep our for-now-home lovely to live in. With a little one running around with sticky fingers, our house gets disorganised SO quickly that it’s hard keeping up. In a blink of an eye, a mountain of toys and tat that nobody wants has appeared and the bottom of the stairs is rammed with bits & bobs that no-one knows where it all belongs.

With all the snow and cold weather we have had recently it may not feel like it but Spring is most definitely here so the desperately needed Spring Clean is well and truly in action!


One of the worst rooms in our house has to be the kitchen, particularly the cleaning cupboard… oh, irony. Every day when I go into the cupboard for some sprays, it takes a good few minutes of clambering around before I manage to pull out the polish. Undoubtedly, that cupboard was the first on my list to sort out so now I can pull out my favourite sprays and getting going!

With a little one, we go through surface sprays like mad – it has to be the one cleaning product we buy bucket loads of. With it being one of the most used products in the house, we have tried out almost every single brand you can think of. Milton has been perfect for our Spring Clean as it leaves your home smelling lovely and fresh. It was so nice, it didn’t last long!


For awkward areas around the home, I’m always using baby wipes, but the Milton Antibacterial Wipes are so much better! Joshua is always munching away and leaving marks or crumbs along the table, TV stand and door frames so these have been perfect for wiping away in-between cleaning.


Next up on our list was most definitely the office and playroom; these two rooms have been a nightmare for organisation for quite some time. In our office, we’ve gone for a very minimalist style by having just a desk, a bookcase and a filing cabinet. With me being self-employed and working in areas that require a ton of note taking and planning, the one item I couldn’t wait to get hanging up was our whiteboard.


TeacherBoards have so many different boards from noticeboards to whiteboards, but my favourite were there magnetic glassboards as they were so different. But not only can they be used within our office for work, but they can also double as a learning resource for Joshua. I have mentioned a few times before that we are encouraging Joshua to do some additional learning at home to get prepared for Primary School next year and as Joshua is very ‘visual’ with his learning, it would be brilliant for helping him.


*Disclaimer: I was gifted these products in exchange for this post.

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